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JudulAnalisa Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Perilaku Konsumen Dalam Pengambilan Keputusan untuk Membeli Sepeda Motor Honda di Palembang
Jumlah Bab5
PengarangJeffri Rimeldo
PembimbingDrs. Islahuddin Daud, MM
DR. Diah Natalisa, MBA
Kata KunciConsumer Behavior, Marketing mix, Place
KonsentrasiManajemen Pemasaran
Bentuk MediaTEXT
bidang usahaMotor Honda
Tahun Terbit2003
Tempat TerbitPalembang
Kolasixvi, 186 hal. : il., tab. : 28 cm
CatatanANOTASI: Nowadays the demand of motorcycle, especially Honda with its famous four-stroke long life engine in which has been known and proven to be reliable and long lasting by millions of Honda motorcycle users in Indonesia, has shown increasing tendency. In Palembang the increasing sales of Honda motorcycle recently has caused the business of it seeming better. Meanwhile increasing sales means increasing consumers, too. Consumers from all age levels and all need must obviously be kept and gained well managing. Therefore it's a kind of extremely interesting research to analysis whatever factors in Marketing Mix which influences customer behavior in taking a decision to buy Honda motorcycle in Palembang. This research uses secondary and primary data. Secondary data were collected from published report in PT. Astra International Tbk -Honda Palembang Branch. Nevertheless primary data were collected trough a set of questions and distributed to numerous Honda customers as the respondents. The questions consist of the measuring variables asking the answer as a likert scale. Based on all data collected from those respondents, the calculations and tests are executed by using program SPSS version 10. The result of this research results in that place factor has most dominant effect for consumer behavior in taking a decision to buy Honda motorcycle in Palembang. The calculations also show that product, promotion, and other factors don't prossess not significant effect to this decision and buying. With regard to this research, other research can be performed by adding other outside above factors. Furthermore, the next research will also be required in this customer Behavior purview making this one more complete and comprehensive. Finally, this research will be hoped to be precious input to PT. Astra International Tbk -Honda Palembang Branch and PT. Astra Honda motor entering global and strict competition in this country.
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