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JudulPengukuran Kesenjangan Harapan Fungsi Operasi dan Kinerja Jasa Perawatan Peralatan PT. EPT.3 di Pertamina UP III Plaju Palembang
Jumlah Bab5
PengarangAlbertus Widiyanto
PembimbingDR. Diah Natalisa, MBA
Drs. Zakaria Wahab, MBA
Kata KunciCustomers Perception, Service quality, C
KonsentrasiManajemen Pemasaran
Bentuk MediaTEXT
bidang usahaPertamina
Tahun Terbit2001
Tempat TerbitPalembang
Kolasixv, 203 hal. : il., tab. : 28 cm
CatatanANOTASI: Since agreement of Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA) approved by Indonesian Government, rising awareness of new bisnis competitor from foreign country. As Government strategic business unit of Indonesia, Pertamina began to perform new business development in order to anticipate global market of oil and petrochemical. One of the improvement, was split the maintenance departement from refinery business as strategic business unit in oil refineries maintenance, named PT Elnusa Petro Teknik (PT EPT - 3). As a new entity of company, PT EPT needs to learn in real business for two years in Plaju refinery. The study reported in this thesis was a descriptive research, which carry out through survey among employees who working in operation Departement. Sampel used in this study were 100 employees. Samples of the employees included Senior Supervisors, day Supervisors, supervisors, and operators. The data was subsequently analyzed by utilizing frequency distribution, factor, and regression analysis, and regresion analysis, and visual mapping. Result of this study showed that majority of the customers (84.83%) were not satisfied with the service provided. The customers level of satisfaction was positively affected by the service quality, price of product/service, and quality of product/service. Among those dimension, service quality performed the dominant factor of customer satisfaction. The level of service quality was positively affected by five dimension of service quality was positively affected by five dimension of service quality; among those dimensions responsiveness performed the dominant factor of service quality. Based on the finding of this study, further investigation is needed on the internal of marketing aspects, especially all employees should be more aware to cutomers satisfaction. And supply chain of spareparts to be supporting all field maintenance activities. Further research is required to be conducted in order to monitoring customer satisfaction and service quality.
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